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Trina Turk Renovates ‘Lost’ Lautner in Echo Park

Trina Turk Renovates ‘Lost’ Lautner in Echo Park

A 1948 modest 3 bedroom 1,100 square foot home from very early in his career had been somehow not been included in a list of the architect’s official works. The home, known as the Jules Salkin house, was ‘rediscovered’ after being listed for sale by a family who owned the home for decades and hadn’t, until then, been savvy enough to take advantage of the home’s lineage.

Everyone knows how much the design set loves mid-century modernism with Lautner probably being the most prominent and popular practitioner of the style.

The hillside Echo Park home is distinguished by its winged room, which due to some unusual construction techniques, floats above the glass walls.

Trina Turk and her husband, who own two other architecturally significant homes, were not dismayed by the dilapidated condition of the home and ended up buying the home for $1.2 million in 2014. Now, the renovation is complete.

Per estimates, the home was originally built for about $15,000 right when Lautner was getting his license.

A ‘Lost’ John Lautner House Is Found and Restored

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