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Pasadena Tackles Mansionization

Pasadena Tackles Mansionization

Pasadena is drafting to changes to zoning regulations to prevent mansionization in order to retain classic architecture the city if known for.

Mansionization is a phenomenon where a homeowner tears down and rebuilds or significantly renovates their home to create a home that is out character with the neighborhood. This could simply mean the house is to big or that its architectural clashes with the rest of the neighborhood. Yet, these mini-mansions did comply with existing construction regulations.

This has been a problem throughout the southland since the run up of the housing bubble, but the San Gabriel Valley has recently been hard hit as mainly Chinese investors flooded into the area and tore down modest SFR’s to put up mini-mansions that were often out of character with the early and mid-20th century architectural styles of surrounding homes.

The mansionization is not just a matter of style. The phenomenon can have a significant effect on the environment.

Los Angeles has already taken measures to tackle the problem and now Pasadena has come up with a 3 phase plan targeting the Lower Hastings Ranch neighborhood and Hillside Overlay District. The proposed changes will be a mix of new regulations and refinement of existing regulations. These changes will address concerns about maintaining the over all look of a neighborhood, maintaining privacy and protecting the views of existing homes.

Is Mansionization Threatening to Overwhelm Pasadena’s Neighborhoods?

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