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Always Shady City of Industry Secretly Plans Solar Farm for Tres Hermanos Property

Always Shady City of Industry Secretly Plans Solar Farm for Tres Hermanos Property

We all know from True Detective’s second season how shady the City of Industry, – I mean Vinci – is, and now they have upped the ante by secretly planning a solar farm for a property they are trying to acquire.

We already know how much the City of Industry loves insidery, shady deals.

The City of Industry is trying to acquire the 2,450-acre Tres Hermanos property for $100 million, a property they previously controlled prior the dissolution of redevelopment agencies. Industry hopes to combine that property with another 3,800 acres by the City to build a massive 440-megawatt solar farm. Just how massive? Enough to supply 10% of the power for Los Angeles.

The Competition

The City is currently vying for the property with another development company that intends to build a 1,881 home subdivision. However, the state panel selling the property hasn’t proceeded because Industry has not been forthcoming with the plans.


If approved, the solar farm would still face a significant obstacle in getting the project approved by the cities of Diamond Bar and Chino Hills which the Hermanos property straddles.

“We do not believe the region is best served with a multimillion-dollar housing development that will only further clog our roads and slow down our goods movement,” the Industry city manager said.

But why the secrecy? And why haven’t they disclosed the names behind the LLC trying to develop the solar farm?

Perhaps we can get Rush Cohle can find out –  instead of mustachioed Colin Farrell.

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