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Southern California Housing Creation Picks Up the Pace

Southern California Housing Creation Picks Up the Pace

While Southern California is still not creating enough housing to make a dent in the housing crisis, the pace of housing creation has increased.

Overall, Southern California created 34,000 housing units, a yearly increase of 0.53%. Yet, this represents a 29% increase over the 0.41% average increase in housing units from 2010-2015.

Regionally, the amount of housing added varied with Orange County leading the way and Riverside, surprising, suffered a slowdown from the preceding 5 years.

Orange County – 9,200 units – an increase of 0.85% vs. 0.59% 2010-15.

Los Angeles County –  16,600 units an increase of 0.47%  vs. 0.33%  2010-15.

Riverside County – 4,600 units – an increase of 0.56% vs 0.62% 2010-15.

San Bernardino County – 2,600 units – an increase of 0.37% vs. 0.33 % 2010-15.

Ventura County – 1,000 units – an increase of 0.34% vs. 0.29%  2010-15.

While the quickening pace should be heartening to struggling would-be homeowners and renters, Southern California’s pace lags the national pace of 0.68% and significantly lags Texas with its 1.58% increase. In fact, Texas added more housing just last year than Southern California added in the preceding six.

Southern California can’t match nation’s new housing pace

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