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Housing Affordability Across The Southland

Housing Affordability Across The Southland

We have picture of just how varied housing affordability is across Southern California.

Orange County has worse affordability rating with only 21% of households able to earn the $154,120 required to purchase a median price house for $750,000. However, this is still below the 10% figure reached during the housing bubble, but well above the 39% figure reached after the bubble burst.

LA County is not much better with only 29% of household able to earn the $99,830 required to purchase a $485,800 median priced house.

The Inland Empire fares better for affordability. Riverside boasts a more reasonable 39% of households able to buy a $365,000 median priced home with an income of $75,000.

San Bernardino came in at the number 5 most affordable county with 52% of residents able to earn the $52,790 required to buy a $256,900 home.

Santa Barbara had the second worst rate of housing affordability with 14% of households earning $160,080 to buy a $779,000 home, just behind San Francisco’s 13% rate.

Ventura was not far behind with 25% of households earning the $132,000 required to buy a $642,480 home.

How affordable are homes where you live? Affordability varies dramatically in Southern California

Income needed to afford an Orange County house now at $154,120 a year

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