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Discover Playa Del Rey: The Beach Town For the Rest of Us


It’s not as cool as Venice and not as Mayberry as Culver City, but there is a lot interest in Playa Del Rey due to the nearby tech scene. What was once “the most underpriced, orphaned community on the Westside” is now hot.

“A beach town for the rest of us: Playa has its own delightfully down-to-earth vibe, with plenty of old-school dives and restaurants to hang out in, and zero pretentious airs.”

“Today, Playa del Rey retains much of the feel of a small beach town, surrounded by towering bluffs on the east, Ballona Creek on the north and LAX to the south. And even if it’s not quite kingly, it’s still a great place to sit at the foot of the dunes and watch the sunset.”

Of course, the big downside is its proximity to LAX. Still, that hasn’t prevented housing prices from increasing 23.9% increase year over year.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Playa del Rey is a ‘sleeping giant’ that’s gotten its wake-up call

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