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A Tour of Historic Filipinotown


KCET offers a tour of the densely populated eastside district that received official designation 20 years ago. However, Filipinos have been settling in the area since the 1940’s.

The culinary culture of the district received a shot in the arm after so many foodie media outlets¬†started featuring Filipino cuisine, especially it’s street food.

The uniquely-flavored shortribs and coconut beef dishes of The Park’s Finest barbecue restaurant on Temple Street have gotten raves from everyone from Food Network host Guy Fieri to celebrities like Stevie Wonder. Filipino staples like pancit and adobo are nowhere to be found in this restaurant’s menu, but rather, a Filipino take on American barbecue. Their popular cornbread bibingka item here is Filipino American food in every sense of the word, fusing the traditional Philippine rice cake with the classic baked good from the American South.

Historic Filipinotown, in the Present Tense РKCET

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