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SoCal Edison Accused Of Delaying Solar Applications

Solar companies accuses Southern California Edison of intentionally causing delays in turning on customer solar systems. The companies say So Cal Edison uses such tactics as losing paperwork and constantly changing their forms and so the customers must resubmit. These tactics may result in delays of weeks to several months, even after the systems are installed and inspected. In most cases, Edison is required to perform an inspection themselves.

“The hard part for us solar guys is that we’re all scared to call them and make a fuss because what happens is, your applications get lost for sure,” said Powell.

[Solar company owners and employees] believe Southern California Edison says it supports the solar industry publicly, but behind the scenes, the utility is doing everything it can to snuff them out.

Edison says that it completes the ‘vast majority’ of the 25,000 applications it receives each year within 30 working days.

Tipline Exclusive: SoCal Edison Accused Of Delaying Solar Applications – KEYT

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