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LA Council still waiting for report identifying concrete buildings vulnerable to earthquakes

FEMA News Photo
FEMA News Photo

Members of the LA City Council are still waiting for report on concrete building at risk to earthquake damage that was due seven months ago. Theses risk have been known for years, but any official action has been delayed due to the concerns of building owners about costly repairs they may be required to make. Right now, the report is expected in December, but some members of the council they be able to get a ball park figure now.

Speaking hypothetically, Parks said, “I’d think that at a minimum, Building and Safety would’ve been able to say by now: We’ve looked at the 1,500 buildings on the study, and of those 1,500, we believe 70% of them need additional attention. We’ve also discovered that there’s another 500 that we didn’t know about, and we need to look at those.”

A Times report last year that found, by the most conservative estimate, that as many as 50 of the more than 1,000 old concrete buildings in the city would collapse in a major earthquake, exposing thousands to injury or death.

The question remains about how the repairs will be made once vulnerable buildings are identified and who should bear the cost.

Property owners and tenants this year have also raised concerns of how, and who, will be financing these costly retrofits. City officials have been exploring ideas such as tax breaks, a bond measure or low-interest loans.

Complicating the concrete issue is the question of whether owners should be forced to retrofit their buildings should the evaluations show that they need strengthening. The city’s top building official said earlier this month that he will be recommending mandatoryretrofitting for the city’s thousands of wooden apartment buildings, which his agency has spent months cataloging.

More quake action needed on older concrete buildings, councilman says – LA Times

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