Southern California Real Estate and Neighborhoods

Month: October 2014

Montecito Shopping Center Sells for $13 million

A 19,000-square-foot shopping complex on Coast Village Road has been sold by the original owners for $13 million. The new owners, who are local, intend to invest in various exterior upgrades, such as “signange, lighting, patios, roofing, and landscaping.” Coast Village Plaza Sells for $13 Million […]

SoCal Edison Accused Of Delaying Solar Applications

Solar companies accuses Southern California Edison of intentionally causing delays in turning on customer solar systems. The companies say So Cal Edison uses such tactics as losing paperwork and constantly changing their forms and so the customers must resubmit. These tactics may result in delays of weeks […]

Discussion about the future of trains in LA


Ahead of their symposium “Are Trains the Future of L.A.?”, Zocalo Public Square gathered the opinion of a number of transit experts about where trains fit into LA’s transit future. LA as experienced a great increase in the number of rail projects in the past 10 years – from the Expo line to and Gold Line Purple extensions.

The experts conclude that rail transit might never become the main mode of transportation, but it can have many other benefits beyond reducing congestion. Rail can provide economic opportunity, determine where housing and jobs are created, and provide a great sense of community. A key will be to integrate the rail lines into other modes of transportation, including other forms public transit, walking, biking and even riding sharing services like Uber.

Not everyone will choose to ride a train, even if the stop is right outside of their front door. The key is providing a lot of transportation modes so that people can make choices. Many will still choose to drive. That’s OK too.

Trains Are Not the Silver Bullet – Zocalo Public Square

Pasadena wins recognition for affordable housing efforts

The City of Pasadena was awarded the Ralph C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Award by the Urban Land Institute Tewillinger Center for Housing. Pasadena’s recognition was based on its housing policy and programs which have resulted in the development of over 5,000 housing units in transit-oriented areas, […]

LA Council still waiting for report identifying concrete buildings vulnerable to earthquakes

Members of the LA City Council are still waiting for report on concrete building at risk to earthquake damage that was due seven months ago. Theses risk have been known for years, but any official action has been delayed due to the concerns of building […]